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Canadian Senate Shenanigans
(chuckle, true)

Philippe Deane Gigantes (holder of the world record for the longest
filibuster) is a Senator from Quebec who has a habit of grating
against the (Tory) government.

The following is a short speech he made in the Senate on Wed., 12 Feb. 1992.

  Hon. Senator Gigantes: Honourable senators, I would like to take this 
occasion to speak about an obvious case of shortsightedness and
improvidence in the financial field by the Tories.  We used to have
cheese served in the Senate Reading Room.  They have stopped that
now.  I used to eat some of that cheese.  Any of the distinguished
physicians who serve in this house will tell you that a man my age who
eats animal fats is likely to die sooner.

  Senator Doody: Bring back the cheese!

  Senator Gigantes: Exactly.  Therefore, the savings for the
government on the pension they would not have to pay for those years
that I would lose by dieing earlier through eating cheese will not be
made.  That saving would certainly be superior to the cost of the
cheese.  This is another example of Tory shortsightedness.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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