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A Fad That Pains the Ears (Richard Kershenbaum)
(true, chuckle)

                 "A Fad That Pains the Ears"

"Rock and roll is an annoying development in American popular music that is now
at its peak.  It is awful.  But from this point we can expect it to subside
toward a deserved extinction.  It can no more survive than could the Big Apple
or goldfish swallowing or any other temporary aberration of the American past.

     In the meantime, we see no cause for panic on the part of parents or
sociologists who deplore rock and roll and fear its effect on the youth of the
land.  We can't see how it could deprave anybody who isn't already depraved. 
At worst it brands the devotee as one of dubious ear and taste.  Rock and roll
is not a Red plot or an instrument of the devil; it is a fad seized upon and
commercialized by songwriters and musicians with neither talent nor skill.

     In an article on this page recently, Clyde B. Neibarger, The Star's music
editor, advanced the opinion that rock and roll is a fleeting idiom that will
run its course.  Robert Sanford discussed the subject in his popular records
column last Sunday, with scorn and loathing.  And teenagers will no doubt
continue to turn our in force for the rock and roll concerts and buy the
records by the millions.  But for how much longer?"

   --- Editorial in The Kansas City Star, Wednesday, May 2, 1956.

(I found this under some old linoleum in a house I'm renovating.)
					--- Richard

|  Richard M. Kershenbaum        
|  Manager, Technical Services  
|  The University of Kansas    
|  Computer Center            

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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