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At Least Murphy Brown Can Spell!
(topical, true, smirk)

[This report was compiled from various broadcast news sources.]

Wednesday, June 17, 1992

TRENTON, NJ (API)-Vice President Dan Quayle yesterday visited an elementary 
school classroom in this industrial city.  During his photo-opportunity, he 
asked a twelve-year-old student to spell the word "potato" on the chalkboard.  
The student wrote "potato" on the board and looked to Quayle for his approval. 

Quayle coached the child, "Add one little bit on the end...  Think of 'potato,'
how's it spelled?  You're right phonetically, but what else...?"  At this 
point, the child added an "e" to the end of the word, spelling "potatoe."  
The Vice President said, "There ya go...alright!" and he and his aides 
applauded the child.

Vice President Quayle later explained that he was reading from an incorrect 
flashcard.  A teacher at the school told us that the flashcard was misspelled 
deliberately so it could be used as a class exercise.  She said the cards are 
used to test the spelling ability of the fourth-graders, who tell her whether 
or not the word is spelled correctly.

Steve Hoey, NewsReader, Denture Wearer

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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