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Olympic Top 20 Ammendum (The Fugitive)
Information Builders, Inc.
(topical, chuckle, true)

Since everyone seems to love "Top 10" lists, Here is a Top 20 list of
quotes from the Olympic Games:

Honorable Mention:
Todd Eldridge for shooting himself in the head after falling down
during his performance on a simple manuver.

From the Home Office in Metuchen, N.J., The Top 20 Quotes heard at the
Olympic Games: 

20. "Max, Get your ass down Here!" - Kerri Lee Gartner, after placing
First in the Women's Downhill

19. "I'm Going to Disneyland!" - Kristi Yamaguchi, after winning the Gold

18. "I do a serious job, and the bosses know they can rely on me for
frozen pucks." - Jean Julien, Official Puck Freezer of the Olympics

17. "I Won't Be Happy Till I Take it All!" - Herscel Walker

16. "I'm a Sexy Kinky Tom Boy..." - sung by Cathy Turner

15. "They're going to have to call it Albertoville." - Alberto Tomba

14. "I'm Sorry. I have failed you." - Midori Ito (to Japan)

13. "Don't Cry Midori, There's always Tomorrow." - The Jaspanese Press

12. "You Have to Be Brave." - John Anduit, Target Changer for the Biathalon

11. "Where Are You Tomba?" - Katarina Witt

10. "I came, I saw, they kicked my Butt,,," - Chris Bowman

9. "I ate some bad fish." - Eric Flame, U.S. Speed Skater

8. "This is not what the olympics are about." - The Anal-retentive
Brittish IOC Spokesman in reference to Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards

7. "I'll see you at Lillehammer in '94!" - Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards

6. Ooooh! - Scott Hamilton & Verne Lundquist, Figure Skating Reporters

5. "Somebody Took My Glasses." - Faissel Cherrati, Morroco X-C Skier.

4. "Nancy is a very special friend of mine." Paul Wylie, immediately
after the exhibition performace with Nancy Kerrigan.

3. "YOU'RE DEAD, PAUL!!!!!" - Paul Wylie's soon-to-be ex-girlfriend at
Harvard, immediately after the exhibition performace of Paul & Nancy.

2. "Get me the ____ out of There!!!!! I can't ____ Take it
anymore!!!!!!!" - Team USA Goalie Ray LeBlanc after facing 26 shots in
the first period against Tchzeckoslovakia.

And the Number 1 quote from the 1992 Olympic Winter Games at
Alberto... er... Albertville, France is............

1. "There's More to life than this." - Dan Jansen, Olympic Speed
saketr for US after his 2 failed 'runs for the Gold'.

				-John Langbein

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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