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Beer vs The Net (Ravi Raj)
(usenet, smirk)

	Why beer is better than the net

1. Beer won't keep asking for dead baby jokes.

2. Beer never looks for room-mates or rides to New Mexico

3. True, beer labels don't give you any new information, but you can be
   sure it is not another light bulb joke.

4. You don't need to use your grumpy friend's account to drink beer. If
   you are over 21 and have money to burn, you can drink all the beer
   you want.

5. You can tell a beer anything you want (even outdated Dan Quale
   jokes), and it will never flame you for that.

6. The net never gets scantily clad models to advertise on TV.

	Why the net is better than beer

1. The net is free. You don't have to pay $1.25 to misuse it.

2. Where else can you get a good discussion going on nipple piercing ?

3. If a CHP officer stops you, you can honestly tell him you had been reading 
   news for 3 hours, and he may not even make you walk a straight line.

4. Your wife will never find out you spent half your day reading news,
   and even if she did, you can always claim it was part of your job.

5. You can always  or iconize your window as soon as you hear your boss
   walk into your office when you are reading news

6. You may actually be burning calories while reading news, especially if you 
   are using an IBM RS 6000 keyboard.
7. With some luck and a catchy name, you can create your own newsgroup.
   Like this one, for instance.

8. Reading too many newsgroups won't make you laugh aloud at something
   extremely emotional and sensitive that somebody said. Well, actually
   some newsgroups may.

9. Nobody will force you to attend a rehab program if you are a frequent 
   news reader.
Ravi N. Raj

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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