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Choosing between a date or a Lecture (Jeff Knodel)
(pun, smirk, sexual)

I maintain a joke mailing list, (mostly for people too busy to read the humor 
newsgroups, or too tired of listening to the rabble on rec.humor) and last 
month I asked for everyones 'favorite' joke.  This was one of my favorite 

From: (A R Adolt)

Two male undergraduates roomed together.  Their main interest was the
subject of phrenology (the study of the conformation of the skull as
indicative of mental faculties and character).  One of these students
had fallen for a coed who happened to be in several of his classes.
Every day he would try to talk to her and every talk ended with his
asking her for a date - an a rejection from her.
After many months of asking and being rejected, this girl finally gave
in.  She agreed to go out with him.
This guy was so happy that he rushed back to his room to tell his buddy
the great news.  When he rushed into the room his buddy was just hanging
up the phone and said "Have I got some great news !!! Dr. Frebump is in
town and is giving a lecture tonight !!!" (Dr. Frebump is the foremost
authority on phrenology)
The first guy says, "Oh no!! I finally got this girl to go out with me.
But I have to attend Dr. Frebump's lecture.  What should I do ?"
The second guy says, "That's simple - take her to the lecture."
So the first guy calls his date and explains the situation, to which
she replies, "I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be caught dead at that lecture.
I'm really not into phrenology !"
The first guy (rather thinking out loud) says, "What a choice - now,
what do I do ?"  to which the girl says, "It's really very simple --



p.s.  Heads or Tail

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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