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The environmental president? (Monty Solomon)
(topical, smirk)

From my friend, Mr. Machine Tool, here are his latest anagrams:

environmental president

	panders to lenient vermin	[best of the bunch]
	pander to silent, riven men
	reminder: planet isn't oven
	Mr. Nineties: don't ever plan
	miser: "Don't intervene; plan"
	I pretend: lament environs
	ponder: Neil or investment?	[sell your own son?]
	even lend Nips "Terminator"
	I spend: alert environment!
	Mr. Pretend-intensive-loan
	development: inner strain
	planet interred: venom, sin
	intend prior enslavement
	spend, enliven terminator
	prevention: men slander it
	I slander prominent event	[Rio?]
	preserve land...  in ointment

the environmental president

	never planned to interest him
	please vomit dinner, then rent	[deal making, Japan-style?]
	Rio: investment planned there
	native rodent replenishment
	darn the simpleton, intervene	[Competitiveness Council?]
	ponder "earth investment" line
	intention: halt, mend, preserve
	developer sentiment ran thin
	drier planet: hone investment	[profit from desertification]
	rent planet; horsemen invited	[four of them, perhaps?]
	dental hint: see Mr. Prevention
	North Vietnam led in pretense
	entertainment: proven shield	[bread and circuses?]
	transient Rhine development
	don't even plan his retirement

Yrs for a "new word order"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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