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Celebrity Endorsements (Carol J. Botteron)

Recently Colonel Oliver North was in Boston and (among other 
things) visited a radio station (WBZ) to appear on a talk show.
When it was time for a commercial, the host handed him the copy
and North read it.  The ad was for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

The image of Ollie North selling teddy bears got me thinking 
about other unlikely combinations of spokesperson and product:

George Bush for an accounting firm:
"Is your family's economy in trouble?"

Mario Cuomo for light beer:
"It tastes great.  No, it's less filling.  No, it ..."

Ronald Reagan for a memory improvement course:
"Hello, my name is ... uh ..."

Ted Kennedy for a home security system:
"If a crime were being committed on your property, would you know?"

George Bush for an executive placement service:
"When I need a qualified candidate for the Supreme Court or
the Vice Presidency ..."

(More ideas?  Post them to rec.humor.)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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