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Excerpt from interview with "Spinal Tap" (James G. Acker)

	Spinal Tap, the loudest rock-and-roll band in history, has just
released a new album, "Break Like the Wind".  The following is an 
excerpt from an interview with Los Angeles freelance writer Jess Bravin which
appeared in the Washington Post on Sunday.  The band's three members are
Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls.

	Q:  Let's talk about the first single, "Bitch School".  Some critics
are suggesting that this song is demeaning to women.

	Tufnel:  We've heard that before, and it's frankly a mystery to 
us, because if you have half a brain, you'd realize the song is about dogs.
It's not about women at all.

	Q:  These are some of the lyrics that have been cited:  "I'm gonna
chain you/ Make you sleep out of doors/ You're so fetching when you're down
on all fours/ And when you hear your master/ You will come a little faster,
thanks to/ Bitch School."

	Smalls:  See, it's about dog training.

	Tufnel:  That's all.  It's about training, about the discipline of
our female dogs.

	St. Hubbins:  Man's best friend.

	Tufnel:  And we, the three of us, are longtime dog lovers.  It's 
an ode, really.

	Q:  Then why are there no dogs in the video?  Instead, you have
a woman in leather and fishnet stockings using whips and chains to discipline
a school filled with young women in skimpy clothes.

	Smalls: If it had been up to us, it would have been all dogs.  The
place would have been crawling with them.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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