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Typographer's Twiddle (SAMUEL GOLDSTEIN)
(chuckle, original)

OK, it all started when my semi-mythical and nonexistant friend Ikiru
decided to teach karate on campus. He went through the whole process of
getting room permits and all, and decided to put together a poster to
advertise the class. So he read all those old Charles Atlas ads and those
endless ju-jitsu and hopkido blurbs in the back of the comic books, and he
came up with the following poster:

 |                        M A R T I A L   A R T S                 |
 |                                                                |
 |           - Learn Ancient Asian Techniques                     |
 |           - Develop Impressive Skills                          |
 |           - Learn the Art of Control                           |
 |           - Build Self-Confidence                              |
 |           - Protect Yourself                                   |
 |           - Train with exotic Impliments                       |
 |           - Achieve your Maximum Potential                     |
 |                                                                |
 |         New Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00 PM	  |
 |                                                                |

The poster was adorned with a large script Japanese character, which Ikiru 
admitted to me was the character for nori, the seaweed that one uses for 
wrapping sushi. But nevertheless, the poster was pretty impressive.

So Ikiru sent the design to the printer, got two hundred copies, and put
them up around campus.

Tuesday night comes, and he arrives at the gym at a quarter of seven. To his 
amazement, there are already around two hundred students there! Now, based 
on his beautiful poster, he had expected a decent-sized group, but this was

He glanced at his poster, and discovered why. The printer had evidently 
reversed two letters when typesetting the poster: the "T" and the "I" in the 
title had been transposed...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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