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Orbital Mechanics
Boston University
(topical, true, science, smirk)

[ Sorry I goofed on my last posting... this one is spell - checked -pankaj]

Recently their was a joke about a philosophy teaching assistant and poor
science. Well I thought I might send this one as I thought it was
topical and to show that science takes a licking not only in America.


	About eight years ago, when I was studying in high school in
India, my Chemistry professor was trying to explain the "screening
effect" of electrons (a phenomenon that makes metals bind their
electrons less losely then other elements, resulting in conductivity).
	He tried to give an analogy, using earth and moon. 
He said, "Imagine if their was another moon orbiting earth, then the
pull that our true moon faces will be smaller." I was puzzled and
declared that it is not possible. To which he further explained," Well
it's like this. The earth now has to pull two moons instead of one
hence it has to divide its force among the too, hence its pull on the
moon will be halved."  
	At this point I argued that all the artificial satellites in
the sky must face lesser pull by earth when ever a new satellite is
launched. " That's true," he said,"and that's why the cost of
launching satellites is going up these days...."


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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