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Make yourself a star


              Can you tell the difference between
          Coke and Pepsi? No? Get hip to the trip with

                  RAY CHARLES X-RAY SPECS

            These amazing X-ray specs are the real
           McCoy when it comes to checking out which
            can of Cola has the most cred, the most
           taste and the most sugar. Continuous daily
           use could lead to you saving $$$$ on your
               future purchase of vital fashion
                     accessories such as:

                   Shane McGowan's Teeth
                   Gerry Dammer's Gums
                   Johnny Rotten's Cavities

           Don't miss this once in a lifetime offer!

           Send $999.99 plus 999 ring pulls from any
               jumbo variety of Pepsi Cola to:

           Ray Charles X-ray specs offer, Ray Charles
           Place, Nothing To Do With Pepsi, Pep, Sico


                 Worried about your neighbours pets?
                       Problems with strays?
            Send your lost, found or unwanted animals to


                  Yes, send us your poor little
                 pets and we guarantee that Ozzy
                  will personally distress them.

                     Chickens A Speciality!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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