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More video trouble (Thomas R Balent)
AT&T Bell Laboratories
(true, chuckle)

In article <> (Akiva Michelson) writes:
>During the Gulf war, here in Israel, there was a family watching the Cosby
>show, and taping it just in case there would be another air-raid siren. 
>Sure enough there was, and they filed into their sealed rooms. After the
>whole thing was over, they returned to watch their video tape. And what
>do you know, the same thing happened just about the same time in the show.
>After they retuned to their sealed room for a third time they realized it
>was the tape and not a real drill. 

In a similar vein:

While serving aboard a nuclear powered submarine in the mid 1970's,
the crew was in the crew's mess watching the movie Poseidon Adventure
(you know the one, where the cruise ship turns upsidedown, and the
survivors have to climb "down" to get out...)

Well things were pretty tense, and everyone was paying attention,
as the heroes went through many trials and tribulations.  Then all
of a sudden everyone heard..."FIRE IN THE TORPEDO ROOM!"

The audience cheered, "YEAH, go get em...", "Allright", etc. - until
someone mentioned - "Hey! They don't have a torpedo room!".  The
fire was one compartment forward of where they were watching the 
movie.  Once everyone wised up to what was going on they quickly
took care of the problem.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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