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Four-part invention
(smirk, swearing)

[This joke is hard to convey in print.  But here's how to tell it.  You say:]

This joke has four parts, OK?  First part:  A couple is out to dinner at a
restaurant.  When the waitress comes, the man orders two steaks.  The woman
says "Why did you order me a steak?  I don't want a steak!" and the man
replies "Fuck you!  I'm ordering the dinners here!"

Second part:  The same couple is at home.  The woman serves coffee and puts
a little cream in it.  The man says, "Why did you put cream in the coffee?
I like black coffee!" and the woman replies "Fuck you!  I'm making the
coffee here!"

Fourth part:  . . .

[At this point, someone will say "You skipped the third part!"  or  "You
mean third" or something, at which point you finish off with the obvious:]

Fuck you!  I'm telling the joke here!

[Suggestion:  In a group, there's always some wiseass who will set up the
punch line.  But if you're telling to only one or two, you might feign a
little confusion at the beginning ("Now I always get this joke out of
order, let me think . . .") which predisposes your hearers to "help out"
when you skip the third part.]

Larry Denenberg

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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