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[Greg Moulton: movies and postmodern aesthetics.] (Jerry Sweet)

This is my friend Greg's official guide to late night video fare.  I
think that the requirement for viewing The Abyss alone makes this
worthwhile reading.

Not responsible for advice taken.

From: (Mr. Racquetball)
Subject: Re: movies and postmodern aesthetics.

Film                         Category  Requires for maximum enjoyment:
============================ ========= ===============================
The Cook, The Thief, His     
   Wife and Her Lover        Weird     Chocolate pudding
Raising Arizona              Satire    Cheetoes and Captain Crunch Snak Mix
Legend                       Fantasy   Chicken Pot Pie
The Thing (the remake)       Horror    A tub of spaghetti
Andy Warhol's Dracula        French    Fresh bread and grape juice
My Dinner with Andre         Weird     A straightjacket and 4 caffeine pills
Eraser Head                  Weird     Babysitting an infant
Brazil                       Satire    A hard day at the office
La Femme Nikita              French    A sharp pencil and a bitch in boots
Hellraiser                   B-flick   A Rubic's Cube and a box of nails
Colossus, The Forbin Project Old-SciFi A TRW credit report
Thin Blue Line               Documtry  A room at the Motel 6
Clockwise                    Satire    High blood pressure
Tie Me Up - Tie Me Down      Spanish   A weekend with a hostage
Monsieur Hire                French    Binoculars
True Stories                 Satire    TV Dinners
Silence of the Lambs         Suspense  Steaks rare with potato skins.
Taxi Driver                  Suspense  A mohawk and a place to do push-ups
Blood Simple                 Suspense  A hot summer's night
Last Exit to Brooklyn        Drama     A suicide letter
After Hours                  Satire    Someone else's car keys
Paris Texas                  Drama     Photos of strangers 
Dangerous Liasons            
   (with Glenn Close)        Drama     A naked friend and some writing paper
9 1/2 Weeks                  Drama     A Love Slave
The Abyss                    Suspense  A plastic bag over your head

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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