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Best of intentions (JCHILDERS2)

In a one priest Irish Catholic Parish everybody knew everybody else. One
Saturday a waggish young lad by the name of Timmy went to confession.  The
priest after hearing Timmy's sins said - "Timmy, I have it on good advice that
your fooling around with one of the married women in the parish."  Timmy
protested his innocence but the priest would have none of it.  "Timmy" ,he
said "tell me, is it Mrs. Monahan?"  "No father I hardly know the women!" 
"All right then Timmy, is it Mrs. O'Connell?"  "Mrs. O'Connell, father she the
wife of one of my very best friends!  I would never lay hands on her!" "Timmy,
this is your last chance, I'm losing my patience, is it Mrs. O' Hara?"  "No
Father I wouldn't dream of...".  "TIMMY!  I don't wan't to hear it.  You've
come to this confessional and lied to me! I want you to consider the
seriousness of this matter for a month and come back anc confess who it is to

On the way out Timmy meets a good friend of his on his way to the
confessional.  The friend asks Timmy "Is the Father in a good mood today. 
Timmy replies "He's in a GRAND mood, he gave me a month off and three good

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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