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The "Manual" (Edwin Hoogerbeets)
(smirk, original, swearing)

My roomie was telling me about his trip home when he took his
girlfriend (now fiancee) home to meet people. While there, he met one
of his old friends that was not overly experienced in sexual matters.
During that evening, sexual matters became the topic of conversation as
they often do among young people our age. They found out that his
friend thought that "oral sex" was when two people kissed each other
using their tongues.  (ie. french kissing) Nononono, they told her
admist their chuckles, and proceeded to explain what oral sex actually

My roomie then confided that he was considering buying his friend a copy
of "The Joy of Sex" while he was out shopping at a bookstore. He almost
bought it for her to give her a little better understanding, but decided 
against it because of the prohibitive cost.

"Oh I get it," I said knowingly, "You were going to tell her to
Read The Fucking Manual."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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