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Anonymous sperm donors (Karl A. Nyberg)
(topical, original, chuckle)

From: (Al Donaldson)

There's a trial going on now in Northern Virginia where a fertility doctor
(Cecil? Jacobson) is accused of providing the sperm that he used to
inseminate at least a dozen of his patients (some estimates up to 50 or 60).
One of his nurses said that he was often seen carrying a bottle into the
mens room just before doing one of these procedures.

So what's so bad about that?  Seems to me that what he needs is a good
publicist, so I offer these top 10 slogans that Doctor Jacobson should have
been using:

10. We recycle everything -- absolutely no waste.

 9. Open wide and say "ahh"

 8. We pass the savings on to you.

 7. Donor is personally guaranteed to be a college graduate.

 6  Well, I could stop by your place, say 7 oclock..?

 5. We test and test and test again.

 4. High volume means lower prices, day after day.

 3. It's a tough, thankless job but someone's gotta do it..

 2. Ten years from now your kid can come to a family reunion
    with all my kids.

and the number one slogan Doctor Jacobson SHOULD have been using:

 1. "You can't get it any fresher than this."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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