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True, funny story

tessi! (Allen Warren)
(smirk, sexual, true)

The following really happened at the banking institution I bank at:

A few days before Christmas, I was waiting in line along with quite a few other
people at a bank.  A women with a small boy about 4 or 5 years old was also
waiting in line about two places ahead of me.  The boy, being rambunctious and
a typical 4 or 5 year old, just couldn't stand and wait patiently, but was
squirming, running around, etc.  His mother, getting agitated at both having
to wait in line so long and having to deal with a little fireplug of a son,
kept yelling at her son to "Stand here!  Quit running around!!"  Finally, 
having had enough, she instructed him to go and sit down at a chair against a
wall and to "not move".  He pouted and went to the chair.  No sooner did he 
crawl up into the chair and sit, he started to squirm and fidget.  The mother,
still about 3 people from a teller, looked over at her son and was about ready
to yell at him when he beat her to the quick and blurted out, "I don't want you
to yell at me and if you do, I'm gonna' tell everybody that I saw you with
daddy's penis in your mouth last night!!"  I swear that there was dead silence
in the bank for just a moment and I, along with several others, tried to cough
and do everything else in our power to keep from laughing.  The mother turned
white and then very, very red, but didn't leave the bank.  She kept waiting in
line for the teller and didn't say another word to her son.  Her son, deducing
from his mother's icy glare that he had just cooked his goose, turned extremely
white and did NOT move at all in his chair.  When the woman was finished with
her banking, she went over to her son and nearly pulled his arm out of its
socket yanking him out of his chair.  It wasn't until they both were safely out
of the bank that we all broke out into laughter and laughed so hard that many
of us cried.


{ed I know this is an oft-repeated story, but the author confirms he
actually witnessed this event.}

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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