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Barriers To Entry (Steve Simmons)

The Economist is a wonderful magazine.  Where Time and Newsweek beat
around the bush, The Economist calls a spade a spade.  Here are a few
excerpts from the Nov. 30, 1991 article on condoms titled "Barriers
To Entry":

   " . . . the share prices of the world's leading condom makers have
been rising fast . . .
   "Strong brand loyalty [to Durham, Trojan and Ramses] and distribution
networks have made things hard for new brands.  Those that have done
fairly well -- Stirling Cooper's "Jiffi" brand is one -- have used
adventuresome marketing strategies (slogans such as "Gotta stiffi?
Wear a Jiffi") . . .
   " . . . Only in Europe, where condom sales are growing by almost
15% a year, are new barriers to entry being raised.  Believe it or not,
the European Commission is trying to establish a standard size for
condoms sold in the single market after 1992.  All sides agree on a
length of 152 millimetres (6 inches), but harmonizing girth is proving
yet another bone of contention among the governments.  The Italians
argue that 54 millimetres is sufficient.  The commission insists on 55."

Can't you see the jingles on TV?  "Just a silly millimetre longer..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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