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Truth is stranger than fiction (John C Green Jr)
(chuckle, true)

A friend was being relocated from San Francisco to Athens, Greece for a two year assignment. The relocation policy allowed him to bring up to 10,000 pounds of possessions in each direction. However to prevent abuse he was allowed to bring back only 1.5 times as much as he brought. Since he only owned about 2,500 pounds he called the VP Personnel at the East Coast headquarters and with a terrific noise in the background shouted:

Friend: "Do I have this right. I can bring 10,000 pounds back from Greece, but
only if I bring 6,667 pounds with me?"
VP: "That's right."
Friend: "Well, I'm here at the South San Francisco Scrap Iron Works, and they
have a sale on anvils. Should I buy a couple of tons and ship them to
Greece? Or will you waive the policy?"

The policy was waived. The VP gave my friend a hand written note saying "... can bring back up to 10,000 pounds with the exceptions of overweight Greek women, significant pieces of the Greek coastline, and anvils."

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