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A Humorous Look at Statistical Physics (Generator)
(science, smirk)

I am taking a statistical physics course right now, and have compiled
the funniest quotes from this class. All quotes are from John Thorstensen,
the professor. He likes to keep the class lively...

"Manually operated analog scribing device" (description of chalk)

"In fact, entire math departments have been known to go off the
deep end" (on infinite real numbers)

"Yup, you're losing your marbles." (on a statistical problem involving
marbles in a jar)

"This, incidently, works great if you're color blind." (probabability
of picking a red or green marble)

"Uh, that's the same equation."

"Now you have to pound the table, and jump up and down."

"Good day to get a little extra sleep."

"You use little itty bitty nails, and nail the atoms down." (on how
to measure the number of states they can be in)

"We can throw out constant factors as we want."

"I didn't know Maxwell had thermodynamic relations...I guess he got around."

Avogadro's number..avocado's?"

"Factorials of Avogadro's number become intractable."

"And what is this? Can you say ENTROPY?"

"It's just's just a word."

"Then they have to come out, and cut you off with a blowtorch."
(on the hazards of licking a cold flag pole)

"Which in decimals is 1.66666...which is the mark of the devil."

"Enthalpy, which in Greek stands for E+pV."
"This will become unclear in time."

"George Q. Enthalpy, little known physicist."

"cross derivatives? angry derivatives!...perturbed..."

"You all are probably wondering what all this stuff is good for."

"I'm tenured, there's almost nothing you can do about it."
(after making a mistake in sign convention)

"The Joule-Thompson Throttling. Now you can't throttle them,
they're dead." (an experiment)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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