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25 things done during Prev. Maint. (Andy Pippin)
(computer, smirk)

	Here at Cal Poly we have the great honor (!) of having a
	PS/2 AIX cluster with an IBM 3090 as a fileserver (to be
	fair, it does many other chores, but this is the primary 
	use for students.)  

	The following list is "what really happens" when it goes
	down for preventive maintenance every other weekend.  It
	was posted locally by Allan Schaffer, who resides at



Top 25 things done when AIX is taken down for maintenance:   (Revision 2)

25. Let the heads cool
24. Replace the air filter
23. Re-gap the spark plugs
22. Send another installment of hush money to IBM
21  Change the transmission fluid (for network connections)
20. Create another no-traffic newsgroup
19. repaint the cover blue
18. Shine the chrome bumpers and tail fins
17. Put the cat out
16. Change the litter box (/lost+found)
15. Dust off the mouse, change mouseballs (twist-off method)
14. Re-grease the hamster treadmills
13. Check for burned out vacuum tubes
12. Remove any jammed punch cards
11. Take moths out of relays (de-bugging)
10. Replace the control rods
9.  Park the heads
8.  Remove bananas from exhaust pipes
7.  Feed the Keebler network gnomes
6.  Put in a new batch of sysadmins
5.  Put out some martinis for when we're done
4.  Pad the MOTD with a few more lines
3.  Do some laundry
2.  Alert BORG Central Command
and then, once we're all done...

1.  Boot DOS from a floppy

--and the CSL peanut gallery
[all in good fun... If this offends you, you've worked for IBM too long] :-)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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