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Perfect P.C. day. (Walkin Dude)

Goes something like this...

 7:30 wake up to the sound of Radio Moscow on my Sony Walkperson
        spend half an hour contemplating the gender role I intend
        playing this day.
 8:00 Breakfast is a free range soft boiled egg followed by meusli,
        the milkperson has not called today so I have my Nicaraguan
        coffee non-white.
 8:20 Go off to have my labour exploited. Bus late demonstrating the
        inefficiencies of the free market system and hence the
        inevitability of it's eventual collapse,

 9:00 Arrive at work. My personager does not seem to have accepted the
        case I made for day care nursery provision. Perhaps herm will
        be more receptive when we have some employees with children
        of pre school age.
 9:45 I notice that there is now a notice in the Male lavatories requesting
        that sanitary towells should not be disposed of in the toilet.
        Does this mean that a sanitary can is also going to be provided?

 12:45 Lunch, I go to the new Vegetarian restaurant at the corner and
        buy a sandwich. The waitee tells me that they are organised as
        a cooperative - proof that worker power is indeed challenging
        the corporatist exploitation of the proletariat. I must raise
        this at the next party meeting.
 13:45 Back to work. It's starting to get cold! I hope it warms up a bit
        before saturday. Its much worse standing about selling the paper
        in the wet as people are much less willing to talk. Still if
        Marx and Lenin had allowed themselves to be discouraged by such
        events how would the processes of Historical Materialism have
        smashed the borgouise capitalist system to create the worker state?

 17:30 Home time at last. On the way back I pick up a newspaper and a
        sandwich. Much as I would prefer to support an independent
        newspaper which is not the mouthpiece of the establishment I
        buy a Guardian so I can read If and Donnesbury.
 19:30 Go out to my conciousness medianating group. I feel a great
        feeling of solidarity on such occasions with the oppressed
        minorities in society. I am pleased now that I switched from the
        anti-patriarchy conciousness raising group, after all the idea
        of raising conciousness must surely be elitist in some respect
        and thus serve to support the class structure of our society.

 21:30 After the session we join with the wymins Zap action Cheeswire
        brigade. Such occasions are vital to building grass roots level
        solidarity with others united in our cause. It was noticable that
        far from being intmidated by our male presence our sister
        bretheren did almost all the talking. Obvously their conciousness
        medianating is suceeding! I learned that I still poses many
        sexist and patriarchal attitudes. I must try to eliminate these

 23:30 Home at last, only time for a single chapter of Capital before
        going to sleep. Workers of all lands UNITE !

 Keep a very firm grasp on reality, so you can strangle it at any time.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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