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History of Jolnopski family house (The Mad Scribe)
(topical, smirk, original)

Yugoslavia has recently broken down over unresolvable differences between it's
different ethnics groups.  What if this split was to continue to a ridiculous
level:  This work is original and topical.

History of the Jolnopski family house

1990: Part of Yugoslavia, but not too pleased about it.

1991: Part of the new nation of Croatia and fairly rapt in it.

1992: Croatia begins to break down, mainly caused by the controversial 2-0
defeat of Croatia North by Croatia South.

1993: The famous Skiski valley area cecedes from Croatia North, citing   
deliberate gardening by the treacherous mountain folk, whose deliberate and
premeditated digging cut off the MTV cable.

1994: Trotsky Street district splits from the rest of the valley over the
great Lamington Drive fraud.  Mrs Jolnopski swears she saw the Lompocski twins
dipping their sticky fingers in the till, and has the stained currency to 
prove it.

1995: Number 24 (The Jolnopski household) leaves the Trotsky Street Republic,
blaming it on the infamous Pissing In The Plug Socket incident, which resulted
in a power surge that blacked out the whole valley for two days, two cats
losing their tails, four black eyes, three broken noses and seventy two

1996: The Jolnopski Independent Federation undergoes massive changes as Mrs
Jolnopski tries to enter Janov's bedroom without a visa.  All hell breaks
loose when Stanislaw tries to import wild mushrooms into the kitchen without a
customs clearance.  Violence breaks out when little Eva doesn't pay duties on
the use of her sister's Bon Jovi tapes.  The dog cecedes and annexes the 

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The Mad Scribe      

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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