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Stupid sysadmin?
(computer, smirk)

I recne^H^Hently received the fl^Holowi^H^H^Hlowing peace^H^H^H^Hiece of mail.  Nams^Hes and usre^H^Herids
hav b^H^He ben^Hen changed to prtec^H^H^Hotect the guil^H^H^H^Hinnocent, and it's^H^H has been
slighly ^H^H^Htly edte^H^Hited fr^Hor es^Hasier viw^Hewng^H^Hing.

Subject: Forwarded mail...

thought you guys might want to see this.  nothing you haven't seen before.
it IS uniquely pathetic-looking tho.

From root@  Thu Aug  1 02:05:57 1991
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 91 02:02:46 EST
From: root@
Message-Id: <>
Apparently-To: jru

Hello Joe R. User,
      I am the System S^HAm^Hdmii^Hnistrator. The reason that I am a^Hmial^H^H^Halin^H^H^Hiling you is of
critiz^Hcal importance and requires your utmost attention. We have a minor
bug in or ^H^Hur /etc/pass file that wer^H are trying to keep low key. To ensuer^H^Hre the
safety yo^H^Hof your e^Haccoiun^H^H^Hunt on the system ^H, we'll nee^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hyou must h^Hchange your password to 
'america'. The reason is to keep your account stable whis ^H^Hle we correct the
error in the file(s). Oncfe^H^He againg^H you must change your password to 'america'.
We aplo^H^Hologize a^Hfor any inconviene^Hces.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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