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Middle East peace talks (Daniel Bowen)
(smirk, topical, original)

Israel has declined to join in Middle East peace-talks proposed by the
US, not, they say, because they refuse to negotiate, but because they
have been invited to a party that night, and they know it's a DREADFUL
bore, but they did promise to go.

A second date proposed for peace-talks had to be scrapped when Jordan
said they couldn't arrange a baby-sitter in time. The United States has
now countered these rejections by saying that for the talks to go ahead,
everyone must behave, like Syria. Any tantrums, and it'll be called off,
and each misbehaving party will have its bottom soundly smacked. Israel
immediately began sulking, the PLO moaned, and Lebanon said it wouldn't
go unless it got a lollypop and an icecream. Israel took one of Syria's
lollypops in 1967; the Israeli government have refused to hand it back.

Copyright (c) 1991 by Daniel Bowen (
From:         the Toxic Custard Workshop Files, Number 55
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