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Modified rules for RHF submission
(usenet, smirk)

Remember: Always give your jokes a descriptive "Subject:" line.
So many people use "joke" or "submission" like I was expecting something else?
I never receive any mail from anyone who is serious anyway.

Jokes ABOUT major current events should be sent to
(ie. jokes which won't be funny if not given immediate attention.)
We know how fast the world situation changes, only last month there
was strife in Iran and then it was 1979, before that it was 1956, before...

Anything that is not a joke submission goes to
If you send it to the wrong address say three "Our Fathers, three Hail Marys
and give a good Act of Contrition."

Please don't send me requests of the form, "could you please send me the
joke about XXX?"  Yes, I have it, but if I were willing to let myself be
a joke server I would spend all day doing it.  I reject all such requests.
After all I nominated my self for this job so I could make a little money
on the side.  Not to serve all you pheasants who would not know good humor 
if you saw it.

Please!  No copyrighted stuff.  Also no "mouse balls," dyslexic agnostics,
Iraqi driver's ed, Administratium, strings in bar or bell-ringer jokes.
No Templeton stuff either-it's not funny.

Remember: PLEASE spell check and proofread your jokes.  You think I have
time to hand-correct everybody's postings?  All you dyslexics write in phonics.

Remember: Only ONE joke per submission.  Extra jokes may be rejected.
Or you may be shot, depends on my mood.

MAIL your jokes (jokes ONLY) to funny@looking.ON.CA
If you post instead of mailing, it screws up the reply-address sometimes.
Oh and then I have to edit it.  Work, work, work.

Attribute the joke's source if at all possible.  A Daemon will auto-reply.
If you get the source wrong the daemon becomes a virus.

If you think we have too many rules well, tough.  You should try this job
for a while.  What's that?  I started the group.  Don't be bringing that ugly
fact up again.  Mail it to funny_dev_null@tough.stuff.non.exist.  I am trying 
to administer this mess.

All in good fun of course,

Mark O'Shea

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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