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Original - There's a virus in my book! (Cliff Stoll)

Forgot to say - this is original by me; guess I oughta
copyright it too.  Thanx!   -Cliff Stoll

Ever notice that the second or third time you read a book,
you discover all sorts of typos and misprints?  The more
often you read a book, the more typos you find.

These typos are read-errors; mistakes introduced by reading
the text. To preserve accuracy, you should purchase a new
edition each time you wish to read a book.  Most of all, avoid
used books, pirated editions, and books from unknown sources.

Public libraries are especially dangerous!  Library books are
read many times, introducing uncounted read-errors.  Worse,
borrowers (and some unscrupulous authors) can infect books
with literary viruses (analogous to computer viruses) which
can be transmitted to other readers.

You can avoid these problems by only reading from new books,
and purchasing fresh shrinkwrapped volumes at your local
bookstore.  Hardback editions are most resistant to typos and
literary viruses; get these whenever possible.

A public service message brought to you by a disinterested party
     -Cliff Stoll

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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