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Big Blue Bargins (John R. Andrews 6-5995)
(computer, smirk)

                           New Announcement from IBM

Think back a minute; back to the go old days of the 60's, back when we rose up
and stormed computer centers. Yes, those were the days when computers were
worth storming, not like today's bland featureless hardware.  Well, Big Blue,
is bringing them back, all those great oldies we loved so well.  The 7094's,
the 1800's, and, of course, the classic 360 series.  Complete with all their
original blinking lights that no one understood, but who cared we were young
and had better things to do than program computers, not like the nerdy PC kids
of today with their color graphics and mice.

Oh, remember those 360's, big power sucking mainframes with REAL core.  I'll
bet you can recall the first time you ever punched a card. Thinking about it
still sends chills right through my body. And the languages. Not some strongly
typed structured drivel like PASCAL or MODULA, but a down and dirty language
like FORTRAN before the namby-pambys put all that LEVEL 77 crap in it. Yes,
those were the days when men had BAL's and weren't afraid to use them.

So order now, and receive, in addition to your completely rebuilt 360, a 3705
Communication Controller and 5 026 keypunches (drums extra).  And if you order
within the next 5 days you can get up to 3 2314 disk drives at the unbelievable
price of $39.95 each (plus $999 postage and handling). So don't wait, these
very same items will be featured soon on the Home Shopping Channel at
substantially higher prices.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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