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Election ploy

rensberry@watmath.UUCP,Rensberry) (Clark)

As part of the pre-election FAIR SHARE program of the Saskatchewan government to decentralize programs, the following suggestions for locations of the various provincial programs have been made by an ad hoc committe in our office:

All of the proposed new locations are actual towns or burgs in the province of Saskatchewan.

   PROGRAM                                    PROPOSED NEW LOCATION
Agriculture                               Red Earth or Fertile or Goodsoil
Arts Board                                Borden                          
AIDS Cordinator                           Love                            
Censorship Board                          Smuts                           
Central Vehicle Agency                    Cadillac                        
Community Health                          Livelong                        
Consumer Affairs                          Krydor                          
Corrections                               Shackelton                      
Culture                                   Mozart                          
Dental Program                            Colgate                         
Economic Diversification                  Plunkett                        
Education                                 Wiseton                         
Fair Share Saskatchewan                   Hoey or Holdfast                
Family Foundation                         Grandmother's Bay               
Film Video Classification                 Chaplin                         
Finance                                   Revenue or Cutknife             
Fisheries                                 Jackfish Lake or Ituna          
Forestry                                  Fir Mountain or Birch Hills     
Gaming Commission                         Lucky Lake                      
Gigatech                                  Frenchman's Butte               
Grain Car Corporation                     Bushell Park                    
Highways                                  Gravelbourg                     
Indian and Native Affairs                 Cree lake                       
Justice                                   Liberty or Spy Hill             
Liquor Commission                         Elbow                           
Mental Health                             Loon Lake                       
Milk Control Board                        White City                      
New Careers                               Traynor                         
Northern Affairs                          Southy or South End             
Nutrition                                 Pemican Portage                 
Office of the Ministers                   Fairy Glen                      
Parks                                     Parkside or Paradise Hill       
Pest Control                              Plenty                          
Police Commission                         Crooked River                   
Premier's Office                          Leader                          
Provincial Lab                            Lafleche                        
Provincial Libraries                      Readlyn or Limerick             
Renewable Resources                       Moose Jaw                       
Reproductive Health                       Climax                          
Sask Power                                Cando or Candle Lake            
Sask Tel                                  Qu'Appelle                      
Sask. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission   Drinkwater or Earl Grey         
Saskatchewan Housing                      Uranium City or Denholm         
Saskatchewan Water Corporation            Goodwater or Crystal Springs    
Securities Commission                     Vibank                          
Senior's Secretariat                      Young                           
Sheep Development Board                   Tramping Lake                   
Tourism                                   Sucker River                    
Trade and Commerce                        Reward                          
Tuberculosis Control                      Fort San                        
Turn In Poachers Program                  Kildeer                         
Women's secretariat                       Broadview                       
The opinions and views expressed here were only those of the individuals and not that of their employer.

Clark Rensberry.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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