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Apple Notebook Takes Off (Norton Chia)
(computer, maybe, original)

Dear Brad,

The following is an original, centered around the theme of Apple's original
Portable (they named it), its guest appearance from space and the upcoming
notebook computers.

Starts here---
Apple Computer had one of its Portables taken up into space earlier this
year by a NASA Space Shuttle. (Yes, many do believe that as the only 
suitable working environment for the Apple Portable)

With the upcoming notebooks that Apple will unveil in a few months time,
a little known parallel development is rumored to be ahead of schedule.
Apple has gone out of its way to produce a model specifically for the
NASA Space Program. The NASA Notebook is known to be targeting for a minimum
of 20 kilograms at sea level. A source close to the project revealed the
development was in line with the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) which
continued looking into future developments. "This super heavy notebook is
targeted at a whole new market," the source said, "While we missed the
laptop market, we're going to be way out front with the planet colonization
program. Users on planets with lower gravitation will no doubt feel more
comfortable with computers not unlike their own at home on earth."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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