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Another combo joke (hermit (William R. Ward))
(smirk, original)

A dyslexic agnostic mouse ball walked into a bar.  The bartender, tired of
having to kick out strings, welcomed him but since he didn't look 21 asked
him for his ID.

The ball rolled around and showed the bartender an Iraqi driver's license
that proved his age.

The bartender rang a bell and asked him to fill out a long form (in triplicate)
which released the bar from any liability if he used his Iraqi driver training
while drunk.

When the ball finally got to order a drink, he asked for a "Dingaling."
The bartender had never heard of a drink called "dingaling" and he said he'd
have to ask for something else.  But before he said anything, a string with a
bell tied to one end walked into the door, and said, "Bartender, I can tell
you what a dingaling is.  You take some vodka, some Coke, a little rum, and
just a pinch of Tobasco sauce, and when you drink it you go DINGALINGALING!!!"
The bartender thanked the string, and since he was so helpful, served him a
Dingaling too.  When the string sipped on his drink, he started convulsing,
causing the bell to ring.

The mouse ball rolled over to the end of the string and cut off the bell,
terminating the noise.  Then President Quayle came on the TV and said that
he was going to bomb all the scraps in the Soviet Union next weekend.

Oh yeah, and another string came in and said "Excuse me, but I'd like a
dingaling(&*)#%(*&)#$%&(@#&%$)@#&%*@#&" to the bartender.

The mouse ball groaned, "Oh no, not another null-terminated string."  This
joke must come to an en(&*#%*&)(JM:L
				    *KU)#[*IK:KLJMM *OM ))+NM *

OIDFJ:ODFKJ:OIT*OUW(UVJCLKMLV (B*B&(@#*P  0 88 aj  i ajfdiadjf090)*U)N

William R Ward			      hermit@thinkum.Santa-Cruz.CA.US
(408) 426-7267			UCSC-Cowell-787, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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