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Re: Imagine the Offspring! (Chakchung Ng)
(smirk, computer)

In article <> somebody@i_wont_say_where writes:
>Rumors of disharmony between IBM and Microsoft have been appearing in
>business sections and trade journals for months.  Despite evidence to
>the contrary, however, IBM and Microsoft have been claiming that their
>relationship is just fine.
>......  Steve's answer:
>"No, we are not having serious problems with IBM.  Our relationship is
>like two bears making love in the woods.  We're going to move the
>world together.  If the press is hearing rumbling, it's only because
>we're changing positions."

IBM:		Big stud living in the Northeast
Microsoft: 	Attractive but aging lady living in the Northwest
Apple:		Rich California banker's luscious daughter

While Microsoft is waiting for IBM to come back to her Northwest cabin,
IBM is spending nights with a rich California girl, APPLE, in his
expensive but poorly maintained Northeast mansion. All the folks in
Northeast and Northwest are wondering if it is legal for IBM to marry
APPLE before he officially divorces Microsoft. The folks in California,
however, are thinking about something else: Is IBM going to just sleep
with APPLE for a while and then dump her like what he did with Microsoft
or is he going to murder APPLE for her money. Nobody here in California
believes that IBM is going to marry APPLE for life.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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