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A child's questions (Michael Sinz)
(true, chuckle, sexual)

This was part of a set of stories over in another group. This one was rather funny... (it came from Tension City)

A friend told me the following about a conversation with her four-year old:

A TV show for children, involving dinosaurs, had a bit where the dinos were wondering whether or not an egg would hatch, and did the dinosaur parents want a baby or not?

Tyke: "Sometimes you get babies when you don't want them."

Mom: "Yes, that's true. But we really wanted you."

Tyke: [Silence for a moment.] "Did Daddy have to cut you open to put his seed in you?"

(The topic having already been discussed in the past.)

Mom: [Dreading the sudden direction the conversation had taken.] "No..."

Tyke: "Then how did he get the seed in?"

Mom: "Uh, he just did."

Tyke: "But *how*?"

Mom: "Do you really want to know?"

Tyke: "YES!!!"

Mom: [Resigned to it, now] "Well, Daddy put his penis in my vagina."

Tyke: [Very wide eyes] "He DID???"

Mom: "Yes..."

Tyke: "But how did he get his big huge penis into your vagina?!"

Mom: [to Dad] "Um, would you help me out a little bit here, dear?"

Dad: [pauses, looks intently at Tyke] "Honey--these are *excellent* questions you're asking!"

Tyke: "How did he get it in?"

Mom: "Well, it just fit."

Tyke: [Digests this for a moment] "So, did it feel good?"

Mom: [Too amused for embarrassment by now] "Yes, dear, actually it did."

Tyke: "Oh."

End of discussion. Tyke's interrogative style was likened to that of an especially tenacious attorney conducting cross-examination.

The next morning Tyke was overheard intently propounding her new knowledge to her two-year old sister.

Kids have this way of getting right to the heart of the matter, huh?

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