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Gorbiware Catalog (lurking horror)
(topical, smirk, original, computer)

(something I thought up the other morning while avoiding waking up..)


Summer 1991 Catalog Addendum

Recent events in the Soviet Union have allowed us to complete beta
testing of several products we had under development, and we now
feel confident offering them to the public.

A. Virus protection - to prevent the spreading of those mysterious
   debilitating diseases.  Also cures those with same diseases.

B. Trojan Horse protection - Apply this after the virus protection
   to track down those administrators, users, and daemons who were
   acting as carriers of the virus.

C. Backup software - restores the processes that were running before
   that would-be fatal crash.

D. Multitasking OS - You thought your resources could support only
   single-tasking?  Just look at our implementation, a better Soviet
   Union than the Soviet Union!  Much less messy to install and run
   than that of our Yugoslav competition, with better task

E. Boris X300 UPS - Even if your CPU temporarily loses power, this unit
   will take over for it.  For use in emergencies only, as it sometimes
   proves difficult to disable even after the main CPU is back up (this
   may interfere with the backup software).  Also available in Natasha model.

Order today!  For payment, just send some hard currency -- any hard 
currency!  Who else can make that offer?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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