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Various archive utilities

davidvc@sybase.UUCP (David Van Couvering)
(computer, smirk, original)

From: davidvc
To:   hq.misc

What is the zoo utility?

 > From: rbleeker (Robert Bleeker)
 > To: davidvc
 > Subject: Re: zoo archive utility?
 > A zoo archive utility I have known to be a tool that will flatten
 > any animal to pancake size.  This will enable you to fit all
 > species known to man into a medium sized office file cabinet.
 > If you have any other questions.... let me know.
 > Rob.

From: davidvc
To:   rbleeker
CC:   hq.misc

There's a joker in every crowd... :)

Here's a list of the other archive utilities:

ar	- For fitting as many pirates as possible onto a single

tar	- Excellent for roofing and roadmaking.  Allows you to stuff
	  three times as much of this black substance into one of those
	  stinky, smoking machines as is possible using standard 

bar	- You know how crowded those single's bars are.  To fit more
	  single swingers into a bar, use this utility.  Flags are

		bar -sex	Extract singles in pairs of two with this flag

		bar -t		Seat a number of singles at a table in
				the bar.

		bar -v		Listen in on the verbose conversations
				of the specified single.  If you don't
				specify a particular single, you will hear
				all conversations at once.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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