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Zip-Zip (Bob Daggit)
(true, smirk)

Some years ago, one of the St. Paul, MN newspapers ran the following
story as a news item:

{ed But also quite probably an urban legend...}

A recently-married young couple were getting dressed for work
one morning and were in foul humor as the result of a just-ended
spat.  The wife had trouble with the zipper of her dress and
finally asked her husband to zip it up.  He grabbed the zipper
and said "Zip, zip, zip!" as he yanked it up and down, wrecking
the zipper of her best dress in the process.  That did little
to promote wedded bliss but they finally went off to work.

When the wife came home from work that afternoon, she saw her husband
working under his car parked in the driveway with just his legs
extending from beneath it.  As she walked by, she grabbed his zipper
and said "Zip, zip, zip!" as she jerked it up and down.  Feeling smug
and pleased with herself, she walked into the house but was horrified
to discover her husband standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of
water.  "Who was that under the car," she gasped. "Oh, that was our
neighbor, Joe," he replied.

Then she had to confess what she had done and asked him "What do we
do now?"  After a moment's thought, he said "Well, we'd better go out
and apologize and explain the situation to him."  So they went out
and called to him but got no response.  Looking under the car, they
discovered that he had been so startled that he had reared up, knocking
himself unconscious, and was bleeding heavily from a deep cut on his

There the story ended, but I suspect that the couple had some
difficult moments while trying to fix that embarrassing situation.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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