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Guidelines for Submissions to Rec.Stupid (P Scannell)
(original, usenet, chuckle)

Copyright 1991 Patrick D. Scannell
Used by Permission

			Rules for Submitters

In brief:

	Submissions should be more or less in English
	Provide a meaningless subject line
	Just mail it anywhere -- I'm sure to get it eventually
	No copyrighted works, no matter how stupid
	Include a long signature, the dumber the better
	Don't proofread your submissions -- you might have second thoughts

o) Preference is given to submissions in English.  I know you're
thinking that it would be really stupid to submit your item in
Urdu or Hindi, but don't.  As it turns out, any moron could have
thought of that.

o) Give your submission a meaningful Subject line.  So many people send
me submissions entitled "stupid" -- as if people can't tell just by
looking at you.  I want a subject line that I can use as the title
for your posting.  Something so incredibly stupid that will distinguish
it from the mundane, workaday stupidity that surrounds it.

o) Attribute the source of your stupidity.  Tell me what little you know
about anything.  If you're naturally stupid, say so.  If you used
chemicals to get that way, tell me that.

o) Don't send entire copyrighted works.  Excerpts are OK, especially
if taken out of context.  A single line from a joke (not the punch line)
or mathematical proof (with attribution) is OK.

o) Don't submit other people's postings.  Instead, if you
see a posting in a non-stupid group that you think would be really
stupid when taken completely out of context, mail the poster and encourage
him or her to submit it to rec.stupid, but don't tell him or her
where to send it.

o) Prufreed and spell-czek yore submishunz, becuz I kant spehl eitheir.

o) Punctuate properly;  Follow the C programmer's rule that
everything ends with a semicolon;

o) Don't put form feeds in submissions.  It gives people a chance to
hit "n."

o) Try not to send me too many duplicates.

o) Try not to send me too many duplicates.  Too many is never enough.

o) Try not to send me too many duplicates.  If you must send me
too many duplicates, send them all at once.

o) If I reject your submission, try sending it to me again.  Get your
friends to send it to me, too.  Eventually I'll cave in.

whether your submission is accepted is its utter senselessness
and stupidity.  Tasteless, racist, sexist, communist, fascist,
pro-Republican, blasphemous, violent or erotic material will
not be rejected purely on grounds of racism, sexism, communism,
sex, violence, sex (yes, I know I've listed sex twice; I like sex),
demonic possession or iambic pentameter, providing it is abysmally
and utterly stupid.  I am the final arbiter of this, but if you're
thinking of submitting something you probably don't know what "arbiter"

o) Material will not be rot13ed, since none of our readers has ever
been able to successfully unscramble postings in that format.  Most
have trouble with English.  Likewise, warnings of the form
"WARNING -- DON'T READ THIS" will not be included, as none of our
readers did.

o) Collections of stupidity like stupid things Reagan said, stupid
things Quayle said, stupid jokes, stupid puns, lists of the fifty
stupidest people you know besides yourself, stupid bumper stickers,
stupid T-shirts, stupid licence plates, etc. should go to
rec.humor.funny.  Remember, submission guidelines are only guidelines.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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