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Pyramid Posting Contest Winner!

TWPIERCE@amherst.UUCP (Tim Pierce)
(original, usenet, chuckle)

In article <>, evberic@monsoon.Berkeley. EDU (Eric van Bezooijen) writes:

> Dear Friend, > > My name is Dave Rhodes.


You have become the TEN THOUSANDTH member of Usenet to post the infamous "Dave Rhodes" letter! Yes, you and you alone have risen above the months and months of flame wars arising from pyramid postings and displayed a heretofore unseen level of persistence!

For your efforts, you will receive the grand prize: THIS and HUNDREDS OF OTHER flames directed specifically to YOU, arriving both in YOUR personal mailbox and posted on the net for the world to see!

As a special added bonus, in a runoff lottery, you may become the next "Dave Rhodes" poster to lose his network access for promoting pyramid schemes on Usenet. Only a select few have been this privileged thus far! Just think: it might be YOU!

Good luck on the final drawing!


Tim Pierce Chairman and CEO Usenet Lottery and Bingo, Inc.

P.S. To all those contestants in the ongoing "Craig Shergold" game: don't worry, there's still time to send in your entries! Don't forget--you might be THE ONE!

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