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Offensive to the scions of noble European ancestry

(original, nasty terms, rot13, anti-racist, chuckle)

Here are some "What they actually mean" examples, most thought of after reading the (unsolicited) "praise" heaped upon us Niggers, Chinks, Pakis etc. by the PC list Guy.

  1. White family in a predominantly non-white locality-- The neighbourhood.
  2. Welfare--System because of which millions of (white) taxpayer dollars are siphoned off by lazy, dirty, unpatriotic nonwhites. So it is only right that recipients go through the degrading treatment of standing in line for food stamps.
  3. Agricultural subsidies--The right way to spend billions of taxpayer dollars by paying (white) farmers to keep land (how only whites got this land is quite another matter) fallow. This is above criticism and the (nonwhite) people objecting are unpatriotic spies with communist connections. Billions more should be spent on this.
  4. Black who has an African Flag in his room--Unpatriotic (Of course, he is not white) and clearly showing his extraterritorial loyalties.
  5. White who has a British flag in his room--Patriotic American rightly proud of his rich and noble descent.
  6. White Christian man who invades other people's land, tries to kill everybody living there to make way for more whites to come there--Pioneer like Daniel Boone.
  7. Example of someone else trying the same--Saddam Hussein.
  8. 7th Generation Japanese American celebrating their festival, 4th generation Sihks celebrating their festival--Illegal aliens who come here and think they can do whatever they want.
  9. 8th generation German Americans refusing to adopt to "English Ways," Amish living just the way they want--How quaint! They are the true bearers of a rich AMERICAN culture, reminding us of our past. What a wonderful melting pot our nation is! Let us increase their immigration quotas to 55,000.
  10. American Indian not wearing feathers on his head and doing a war dance for (white) tourists--Damn Chink fresh off the boat.
  11. Reservations--Useful land wasted. Should be turned into golf courses (Canadians to be the consultants for this project).
  12. Affirmative Action policies that allocate places for blacks, Hispanics etc.--DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WHITES! Just look at all these niggers in our universities displacing deserving white folks!
  13. Policies of some California schools that put a ceiling on the number of Asians in a department, no matter what their grades-- Of course damnit! What, do you mean these departments should have no real Americans (read white)? These chinks are turning UCLA into Us Caucasians Lost among Asians.
  14. Liberal--Whites who have taken it upon themselves to decide what is good for non-whites. Rules applicable here include: In any disturbance about white vs. nonwhite concerns, only bodily damage caused to these people shall be newsworthy. So in the civil rights movement, it did not matter if hundreds of blacks were injured, but if a white minister was hurt, it shook the nation. The liberals (who actually are hand in glove with the ultraconservatives) have one main aim: to fabricate news in such a way so that whites think they are being exploited and overrun by non-whites. Ways to do this will include stressing Affirmative Action immensely, so that any non-white who has achieved anything will have no way of proving that he did it on his own worth.
  15. Ultraconservatives--Whites who will take advantage of feelings generated above. They are more outspoken about what all whites really want, i.e. expulsion of all non-whites from the country.
  16. Political Correctness--The latest and the most chillingly effective tactic of whites (ie. chilling only to nonwhites). Liberal whites will create the atmosphere of "Unbearable thought policing because of non-white sensitivities" and at the ripe moment, ultraconservatives will seize for the kill. Be prepared for an explosion of PC jokes, especially dealing with nonwhites.

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