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Computing is like sex because... (Jimmy Aitken)
Pyramid Technology Ltd, Farnborough, ENGLAND
(computer, sexual, smirk)

Excerpted from The Guardian Computer Page on March 14th:

The March issue of Forth Dimensions reported the results of a
competition held at a recent conference about Forth where you had to
complete the phrase "Computing is like sex because..".  The women's
entries included:
 "You never know when to stop."
 "Many users are satisfied without documentation."
 And the winner from Anne Edgecomb: "It's never finished."

The men's entries included:
 "I can never get enough of it."
 "When I can't get to sleep I have to do one or the other."
 "My wife doesn't want me to do either."
 "When you do it professionally it's not as much fun."
 "When you make a mistake you end up supporting it for years."
 And the winner from Nick Grossman:
  "You can hear about it, you can talk about it, you can read about
   it, you can even watch it done by experts, but even with all the
   fumbling mess, it's still more satisfying to get personally
   involved with it."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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