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Joke by myself (Richard Orr)
(smirk, computer)

This is something that I thought up one afternoon while pondering 
why I even bother with Software Engineering class (can we say Nytol).
The following is a comparison between Comedians and Compilers that 
atleast one person should find somewhat amusing...
Monty Python : 'C++ / Objective C'
Some people pretend to know what its all about, but the fact is 
many of us don't know the half of it.

Eddie Murphy : 'C'
Slick, Popular, and Dirty.  What's not to like.

Arsenio Hall : Turbo Pascal
Tries to look/feel/be like C, but it just doesn't have what it 
takes...  And never will!
Johnny Carson : Pascal
Its been around forever, but has anyone ever found a use for it? 
It seems to owe so much to all the popular gained by those that 
have taken from it.
Jay Leno : Modula-2
Newer than pascal, but doesn't improve on it.
Bob Hope : Cobol
How much more can they do with this Dinosaur?
Andrew Dice Clay
Either you love it, or, you don't!  Admitting it in public however, 
is a completely different story.
George Burns : Fortran
Every time you forget about it, its having a birthday party and 
your reminded that it exists.

Roseane Barr : Ada

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(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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