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CROTCH masculine deodorant spray (Robert Chansky)
(sexual, smirk)

> Another one from the forum at ucsc.  (original to account vapor)
> Robert Chansky

-From: (vaper@ucscb), no, (vapur@ucscb), no, (vapor@ucscb)
Subject: The following is a paid advertisement

MUSIC comes up.  Manly, driving tune, sort of a cross between 
"Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "The Anvil Chorus."

MONTAGE of muscular, handsome men dong manly, sweaty things:
constucting a building, playing pro football, roping cattle,
invading Central American countries, etc.

VOICE OVER (Rugged, deep voice with just a hint of
southern accent):  It's tough work bein' a man.  You work hard,
and you don't stay clean.

MONTAGE switches to same men going into shower room, locker room,

VOICE OVER:  But when the work is done, you want to GET clean,
and you want to feel clean all over.  That's why you use CROTCH
masculine deodorant srpay.

MONTAGE of men holding up cans of CROTCH masculine deodorant spray.

VOICE OVER:  CROTCH makes you feel clean in those special places,
so when the work is over, you're still at your best.

MONTAGE of men getting dressed up and going out with their women,
followed by a close up of a can of CROTCH.

VOICE OVER:  CROTCH masculine deodorant spray.  When a man wants
to feel good, he grabs his CROTCH.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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