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Re: Signs of the times (Patrick Carey)
(true, smirk)

This came to me through the Folklore list on BitNet from Patrick Carey

I think that I can even top the story about the blind driver.  A few years ago
I had a friend and student named Bill.  When I say student, I mean that he
was in one of my Tae Kwon Do classes.  He was blind.

He had one of the best senses of humor that I have ever encountered, and
he also was one of the most determined people I have ever dealt with.  He
refused to let his blindness become a handicap.  He would come to class
and work out harder than the seeing students, and he constantly served as
inspiration to all of us.

We traveled to Minneapolis for a tournament when Bill was a green belt.  It
was his first tourney out of the local area, and none of the fighters knew
him.  being a rather large and agressive guy (240lbs), he easily defeated
a number of competitors.  He ran into a solid competitor in the third or
fourth match, and was taking some punishment.  He went wild.......

Bill pretty much fought by the heat was turned up he started
striking out at anything that he heard.....the referee took some of the best
hits I've ever seen a man take in a match..he actually even countered a few
until I could get in the ring and convince Bill that he was hitting the wrong
man.  Bill was disqualified, but everyone was astonished that a blind man had
been able to fight his way up to third place.......

It was party time...we hit all the famous Minneapolis watering holes, and
before you knew it we were all drunk....except for Bill.  We appointed him
driver, and he steered us safely back to our hotel.   The funny thing was that
he actually had a drivers license!  he had a degenerative eye disease that
had destroyed his sight in less than two years...his license was still
valid!  If we had been pulled over we would have had some explaining to do,
but we would have been legal!

To be young and wreckless again!

Pat Carey

Forwarded by Brian Switzer

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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