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Re: Customer Oriented Marketing (Dave)
(original, chuckle)

[Ed: Below you'll see a very silly employer's quiz that was sent in by XXX, followed by Dave Decot's stranger answers in brackets.]

o Customer-Oriented Marketing is looking at our job through the customer's (eyes/file).


o A good opening to a customer who voices a complaint is, "I'm (sorry/upset) you are having a problem."

[certain that psychologically]

o Remember, arguing with the customer can only make a bad situation (worse/better).

[more entertaining]

o Make positive contact with your customers by being friendly, (bashful/enthusiastic), open and interested.


o Using a customer's name and saying "thank you" are examples of (pushy/friendly) service.


o While working with your present customer, (acknowledge/ ignore) a waiting customer.

[become interested in and leave the premises with]

o Customers feel you are happy to have their business when you smile and say (nothing/thank you).

["The gas is free today."]

o Friendly service is giving the customer your full attention and making (eye/hand) contact.

[felonious intimate]

o One way to show customers full attention is to call them by (phone/name) whenever possible.

[obnoxious childhood nicknames]

o Keep the station (cluttered/neat) and clean so customers do not take their business elsewhere.


o Use the intercom for customer assistance and (safety/ entertainment).


 A good opening to a complaining customer could be to tell them you are: 
	a) excited 
	b) pleased 
	c) happy 
	d) sorry 

[extremely busy and tired of their whining]

 Customers waiting for island service should be: 
	a) patient 
	b) ignored 
	c) acknowledged 
	d) important 

[advised on airfare deals to Tahiti]

 What kind of service should customers get? 
	a) quick 
	b) friendly 
	c) professional 
	d) all of the above 

[incomprehensible, greasy, and fear-inducing]

 One way to give customers personal attention is to: 
	a) only accept credit cards 
	b) ignore them 
	c) call them by name 
	d) talk to two customers at once 

[encourage them to join you in the booth]

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