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Collective nouns (Evan L. Marcus [Sun NJ Systems Consultant])

The following appeared in the 4/29/91 issue of New York magazine.  They run
a periodic feature called the Competition, where readers are invited to
submit humorous entries that conform to a particular topic.  

In this one, the topic was Collective Nouns.  If you don't know what they
are, read on; you'll catch on...

{ed This is not a call for people to send collections of these to me.
There is a book on these terms of venery that you can buy.  I suggest
you send your own (not those from the book) to Evan at the above address
and let him collect them.}

A plethora of lispers
An overbearance of brood mares
A mingling of broken vases
A tenet of palindromes
A hotbed of quilts
A veneer of newscasters
A brace of orthodontists
A rash of dermatologists
A chain of lynx
A gaggle of censors (or comedians)
An amalgam of dentists
A cast of orthopedists
A slew of retired hit men
A box of pugilists
A concert of yes men
A flash of paparazzi
A bunch of florists
A sum of adders
A set of hairdressers
A herd of otologists
A lot of:
	parking attendants
A column of architects
A ring of jewelers
A great deal of used-car salesmen

There are lots of others, and if this makes it past Brad's watchful eye,
then I will submit more.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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