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You think they would have thought of that
(true, smirk)

A few years ago I had a job at night delivering pizzas. One night a women
orders and gives an address that was on a long dirt road in the middle of
noplace, right on the edge of our delivere area. She also helped by sayin that
there was a boat and a pickup truck parked out front. Well try as I might I
couldn't find the house number she had given me, and as any other dirt road in
Florida, every house had a truck and a boat parked out front. This road was
about two miles long and on one end dead ended into the woods. Driving out the
way I came in to get to the nearest payphone woulkd be about a four mile trip.
Where the road went into the woods there was a small goat path that was a
short cut to the nearest convenience store, I barley managed to coax my little
escort through the mud and all. When I called her and told her I couldn't find
her house she sounded like I must be the biggest idiot in the world. Her voice
dripping with pity for my poor mental state she told me that her two daughters
would be standing by the mailbox when I drove back by. So back through the
woods and there are the two girls by the mail box but wait the numbers on the
box are not the ones I was told to look for. I went up to the house and told
Mamma that she had given me the wrong adress. (hoping of course to shame her
into a tip) I told her she had said her address was xxxx when the box said
yyy. She again put on the voice reserved for the terminally stupid and told me
in an exsaperated tone "Well you shouldn't a gone by the numbers on the box,
they re-numbered the street a couple weeks back and we 'aint had time to
change 'em yet"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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