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All We Are Saying
(topical, true, chuckle)

The Best Slogans from the Persian Gulf War Protest: Market Street, San Francisco, January 26, 1991

Collected by RL "Bob" Morgan

Send Bush, Send Quayle, Send Neil Bush When He Gets Out of Jail 
Boys Say Yes to Boys Who Say No 
Another Neurotic Lesbian from a Dysfunctional Family 
   for Peace 
Do People Really Die for Oil?  People Do 
Enough BU__SH__ 
The Future of Your Children is in Our Body Bags 
I'll Try to Hold Back My Euphoria 
Visualize Whirled Peas 
18 Males to the Gallon is Too Expensive 
Barbara, Stop Him! 
Denial is Not a River in Egypt, It Flows Through the Heart 
      of America 
Vegetarians Against Carnage 
Surf Kuwait 
Send Imelda Marcos to Iraq 
I Don't 
War Gives Me Gas 
To Bush & Saddam:  Cock-Fighting is Illegal 
We're Tired, We're Cranky, We Don't Like the Government 
How Many Body Bags Per Gallon? 
Another Fascist Terrorist for Peace 
Lobotomies for Republicans:  It's the Law! 
Stop Fighting and Clean Up your Mess! 
No Mo Woe 
Another Aggie Against Aggression 
Another Chinese Bisexual Deadhead Sadomasochist Porn Star 
     for Peace 
Saddam and George Need Couples Counseling 
Desert Shield is Not a Feminine Product 
Read My Labia:  No More War 
Making the World Safe for Big Chevys 
If You Can't Trust the (Ex) Head of the Secret Police, Who Can 
     You Trust? 
Bush Gives My Pubic Hair a Bad Name 
You're Having Sex Right Now and You Don't Even Know It; 
     You're Being Screwed by George Bush and He Won't 
     Even Call You in the Morning 
War is Menstruation Envy 
If War is the Answer, Then It's a Stupid Fucking Question 
A Child in Baghdad Died for My Car 
Willie Horton Would Never Have Done This 
Following George into a War is Like Following Neil into a Bank 

And my favorites:

Kick Butt, Then What? At Least We Can Drive to the Funeral

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