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Two irish drunks (Billy Hum)
(heard it, swearing, gross, national stereotypes, smirk, rot13)

Told to me by a friend...

  These two drunk irishmen were stumbling down the street.  Suddenly, the first one, wrinkling his nose, turns to the second one and says, (in your worst irish accent)
  "A tai, there, Clancy, have you shit'n in your pants?"
  Clancy replies "No, I haven't there, Mulligan!"
  They walk down a few streets and Mulligan again turns to Clancy:
  "Are you sure'n you haven't shat in your pants, Clancy because it really smells"
  Again Clancy replies, "I'm telling you I haven't, boyo"

  After stumbling another block, Mulligan grabs Clancy and screams "I can't take this stench any more!" and throws clancy into the bushes and rips off his pants.  There in his pants is the largest, smelliest hunk of shit.

   Mulligan: "I thought you said you didn't shit in your pants!"
   Clancy: "Oh, I thought you meant today."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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